ENCRYPTIONS, by Alex Hegie

In his series of encryptions, Satijn remains faithful to the math- ematical basis for his work. Straight lines, flat surfaces and nu- merical proportions are the ingredients for building up his expression forms three-dimensionally (and possibly two-di- mensionally). From the many possibilities that arise, he opts for the most harmonious and aesthetically representations. We can formulate language as a coded system that works with symbols to send thoughts and feelings to others. We can see symbols as shapes such as the letters of an alphabet, runes or Chinese characters. But also as movements, sounds and col- ors. The code refers to the agreement about the meaning of the symbols. In this sense, every language is an encryption. Images communicate with the viewer. Images can there- fore be called a language, just like any physical expression. After all, there is an interaction between the observer and the object. Thoughts and feelings are transferred with this. Don Satijn does more. He takes geometric shapes as symbols of his language. With these forms he writes meaningful sentences about dreams, about ideals, in a new language or several lan- guages simultaneously. Dreams can create or recreate our re- alities. As a result, communication with his images is double: the image and the coded sentences transmit thoughts and feelings. We can see Satijn’s encryptions as a search. A search for harmony, beauty and the perfect language.
Alex Hegie
Don Satijn Curriculum Vitae