About Ilona Bal

Hi, my name is Ilona. I’m an artist & graphic designer from Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

Ever since I was little and started drawing, I dreamt of going to art school and that dream came true! I graduated in graphic design and during my study I kept drawing and painting in my spare time.

After I graduated from the Willem de Kooning academy, I worked as a graphic designer for four years in a design agency. During those years, I have developed my skills in different areas of design. In 2015 I started my own graphic design business ‘Grphx’. Working as a freelancer allows me to bring more balance between the two things I love doing most…designing & painting.

With a lot of enthusiasm I work on various projects for small and large companies.

In both my graphic work as well as in my paintings, I often use lots of bright colours. For me, there’s nothing more beautiful than telling a story or express a feeling through images and colours!

When I'm not working I enjoy photographing & filming, crafting, traveling and enjoy life with my husband and son.