noeste arbeid/diligent work

henk korbee
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Mainly I am painting portraits. For that purpose I sometimes use video to analyze complex poses to get an idea of the geometry behind the pose. Not only that but also people waiting for something coming soon, has my interest as well as p.e. sketching people involved discussing a subject. As metaphors are used to explain the world it is convenient to paint metaphors in order that one can interpreted the painting. Sometimes a study is made to get a better idea about color perception. As a remark, I pose that modern color theories and theories about viewing colors are also a stimulus. Painting a model while it is getting dawn and not using light is a favorite with the consequence that one must watch the painting not in daylight but in dawn/shadow or the like.

Most of the paintings are based on imagination or images like photo's, except the sketched figures, self portraits and models.

Almost all pictures are taken in more or less a shadow environment, in order not to get the wrong reflection of light. It is the way I paint. It is remarkable that paintings based on scetches are more lively than being based on photo's. Photo's do represent some statical view about nature which fails in a scetch as I do. Within a very few minutes people are changing their pose, so, execercising drawing lines is a necessatity. On the other hand, a photo can show some aspects which you can't get in life as, p.e., the eyes are constantly moving around just the way animals are looking around. See also Then watch