Impressions and reflections

In 2006, Henri Senders (1958) took up photography out of the blue, without any training and therefore not feeling limited by technical aspects. Just by doing it, he found and created his own special style. An unique style achieved by using nothing but natural light. Like analogue photography, his editing is stripped to a bare minimum.

Henriā€™s photographs can be described as sensual and erotic, using an alienating and sometimes even raw style. Whether they are portraits, nudes, landscapes or narrative images, he never has a set up plan for his shoots. All photos are the result of improvisation and intuition. He chooses a model & a location and, depending on the weather, mood of the day, model-interaction and the settings, the image is born.

"The people I work with are chosen by intuition, I am never looking for perfect bodies or perfect faces." It's the look in their eyes that intrigues him. This way he worked with lots of beautiful people from different countries.