I play and experiment with colors, lines and intersections, but never know what it will be until I'm happy with it.
Once I get started, I first minimalistically draw some graphical lines for a layout, then colorize sections, either intuitively or sometimes inspired by a color I coincidental discover. In complementary or primary colors or through a chance meeting of colors in geometric shapes I try to capture it in an abstract or concrete composition.
In this process I try, in my perception, to find a dynamic balance of interplay in lines into a harmonious but sensitive color schemes. Sometimes with the occasional ironic text to indicate my image in a more nuanced way.
In a for me good result I can feel satisfied and comfortable as a meditative image.
Natural materials such as wood, paper, cardboard and metal are used in my work, reflecting my interests in technology, architecture and industrial design which is usually paradoxical of what originates from natural geometry. The image thus reflects my involvement with the environment and climate and the common thread between them.