About my work & my studio.

About my work

All my works are based on re-using existing objects, mostly coming from the garbage,fleamarkets and thriftstores, and can be considered as an ongoing research for the expressive, sculptural, emotional and other hidden possibilities in the full sense of theword. By putting them in an unexpected context, or giving them another purpose than what they are made for or using them as purely sculptural elements, I try to add more dimensions to them, or give them another significance. I also try to let the fact, that every single object reflects a certain time, culture or history, play a role in y work.. To cut it short: like a painter has his paint, canvas and brushes, I have my objects, materials and tools.

My assemblages come to existance through association, and often this process starts with only one part of what is going to be the final result. But it also happens
frequently that I suddenly see connections between some of the things amidst which I live from day to day, and which I often have since a long time. Sometimes I am really surprised that I did not see these connections any sooner. Also coincidence plays a -highly appreciated role in my work, because this stipulates what I find on my way, and which materials I have at my disposal. This makes my work quite unpredictable, which is, together with the possibilty to work with and com-
bine many different materials and techniques, for me the attraction of making as-
semblages .

It is my perfect medium!

About my studio:

My studio houses, apart from the tools, furniture and equipment I need to make my
assemblages, most of my very extensive and richly diversed collection of objects which provides the material for my assemblages and is also my main source of inspiration. Looking around in my studio is like looking around in my brain: it reflects my passions, hang-ups and frustrations, my lusts and my pains, my hopes and fears... So it gives you an intimate view on my personal universe but also - I think - it is a perfect metaphore of the world outside: a moreless organized chaos. Some people say my studio is ultimate work of art. This part of the site shows photographs of the work itself and details of my studio.