Over het werk

De schilderijen en tekeningen van Lucie van Schaik bewegen zich op het snijvlak van abstractie en figuratie.
De thematiek is veelal opsluiting: van menselijke figuren in een wisselende context. Soms bevroren, soms in beweging.
Uitstapjes naar volledige abstractie lijken er ook te zijn. Maar na goed kijken ontdek je van alles: mensen!
( citaat uit De Gelderlander)

Lucie van Schaik, a Dutch painter, described herself once as “a voyeur of the sad and evil sides of mankind “.
She is educated at the Academy of Arts Arnhem. After this study of 5 years, graduated in 1989.
Did also a two year master class given by Robert Terwindt, a known Dutch artist.

This is what she tells about her work: “my paintings and drawings are portraits of destruction and domination. It is not the intention of my paintings to please the spectator. They (my paintings) will ask you to look inside, instead of outside: we all humiliate, destroy, and are trying to be better than another human being (or an animal !), often to avoid own pain”.

In several of her themes: such as The Mauthausen Serial, The Bhurka Serial, The Child Serial, The Stones and Bones Serial, The Fly or Fight Serial you can see what she means by this.

Two other quotes of Lucie:
“ In some way it’s almost humorous: we fight, fly, and kill each other (literally or figuratively) and avoid one important notion: we all have our lives only in free loan. Obviously we cannot really believe that we are ‘creations’ with an ending. That is what I’m expressing in my work: our hidden sorrow and loneliness with all flaws in the creation we are. Our power and impotence.
And : “ I love human beings: fascinating and sometimes emotionally dangerous. Maybe that’s the reason my work is at the edge of abstraction and figuration: for me an expressive language that allows me to express both distance and proximity.
Therefore: the titles I’m giving to my work are also an indissoluble part of the paintings. Sometimes with a wink… “ .