Over het werk van Max de Winter

I started in my art-education with photography, but changed quickly to art, design and illustration. After the Academy of Arts I landed in Amsterdam and stayed there for 23 years, then running a creative centre elsewhere. Now i live and work in the North of the Netherlands, where I created a only-Art-related-environment: member of group of artists and participating in an Art-foundation.
About my artwork:
At first side there is a lot of movement in my paintings, but if you look closer there is no direct movement at all. The figures are there, they look at you, but you can't look them in the eyes. They want to stay incognito. They do not want to be recognized. It is all a structure of lines, together with an often simple use of colour.
About my other artwork:
Every year I paint images of completely abandoned villages and empty flat landscapes.

Afbeeldingen van hoe het aan de muur hangt, met of zonder lijst, info over prijzen en andere vragen: mail naar max@atelier7.com

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