•Ruim 50 expos in binnen- en buitenland w.o.:
•Galerie Den Uil Nederland (1971)
•Kunstmarkt Oirschot Nederland (1973)
•De Doelen Rotterdam Nederland (1976)
•Galerie Bremmer Tilburg Nederland (1993 - 1995 -1997 - 2002 - 2003)
•Nationale Kunstbeurs (Collectie Sticusa) Suriname (1975)
•Nationale Kunstbeurs (2003 - 2009 - 2011)
•Snipgallery (Curacaosch Museum) (2004)
•Open Atelier Curacaosch Nederl. Antillen (2011)
•Vanaf mei 2010 in het Openluchtmuseum Nw. Amsterdam een permanente foto expo (zie:http://www.fortnieuwamsterdam.com).

•‘Tjong’ has taken part in more than 50 exhibitions so far. Amongst the best known are:
•‘Gallery Den Uil’ – Tilburg, The Netherlands (1971)
•Art Market – Oirschot, The Netherlands (1973, 1974)
•The ‘Doelen’ – Rotterdam, The Netherlands (1976)
•Art Gallery Bremmer – Tilburg, The Netherlands (1993 – 1995 – 1997 – 2002 – 2003)
•National Art Gallery (STICUSA Collection) – Paramaribo, Surinam (1975)
•National Art Gallery – Paramaribo, Surinam (2003 – 2009 – 2011)
•The ‘Snip’ gallery – Curacao, Dutch Antilles (2004)
•Open workshop – Curacao, Dutch Antilles (2011)
•From May 2010 a permanent photographic exposition - Open Air Museum, New Amsterdam, Surinam (http://www.fortnieuwamsterdam.com).

•In 2004 kwam hij in aanmerking voor de award Arch of Europe in Gold Category for Quality and Technology toegekend door the International Selection Committee of Business Initiatieve Directions (BID) in Madrid Spain.

•In 2004, he was short-listed for the Arch of Europe Award in the Gold Category ‘Quality and Technology’ granted by the international Selection Committee of Business Initiative Directions (BID) in Madrid, Spain.

The latest fotocolletie called: "Digital Image Art". The method should be called is new, but the principle is as old as the analogue photography and falls under the heading of "multiple print". The end result is both delivering one photo composed of multiple recordings. At the analogue photography are multiple negatives in the darkroom one composite picture printed. In digital photography, this is done by combining pictures on the computer into a single picture. I call it: "Digital Image Art".