Waterstof als vervanger van Aardgas!…

H2 Hydrogen Fuel


Interactive Wall Sculpture
Environmental artwork "climate-changer" as my symbolic for the energy transition.
An interactive 3D LED sculpture for the switch from old fossil fuels to newer energies like electric and hydrogen for a better future of our environment.
A technical construction in a Geometric pattern with x numbers of stainless steel Allen socket screws screwed into a so called "patinated" (natural rust process of 9 months into rain, wind and sun) metal plate.
Constructed with a new part of the most premodern car brand of technology.
My symbolic about the paradox with the discovery of metal in the iron age of prehistory (1800 B.C.) and the Industrial Revolution from the 19th.century to our future.
10 LED lights (new energy) blink for approx. 40 sec. by approaching/moving close to them. (by means of a sensor) (on video).

~ fluctus motus ~

Kinetic installation. organic of dynamic waves...

birds waving into the sky

aero dynamics of birds waving into the sky ( + wind noise !!)