Blue Core, video sculpture, 1998

The Netherlands Film Festival, Academy’s Gallery, 1998, Utrecht, NL
In collaboration with the Netherlands Institute for Media Art/Time Based Art, Amsterdam
The installation is composed of a projection by a video onto a spatial sculpture made of white, transparent material in the form of a spiral that hangs from the ceiling of the exhibition room. The spiral extends from the ceiling to the floor in such a manner so as to allow visitors to enter it, as well as allowing them to walk around it. Video images are flashed onto the transparent material of the spiral by projectors located around it, which are situated at two or three different positions. The transparent material serves as a two-sided projection screen and due to the emplacement of the spiral form, different layers of images emerge that mutually effect one another. Some of the video images manifest a crowd of people that are moving continually and because the projection takes place on the spiral formed double-sided screen, the visitors who enter it gain the perception that the crowd of people are constantly walking around them. At the same time, one has the impression of being part of the crowd. The identity of the spectator is confronted with an anonimity in which he or she seems to participate. These images coincide with electronically generated sounds which suggest, in a metronomical manner, a certain duration of time. The video projection also consists of stationary images, that resemble stills from imaginary films with a.o. images from Kazimierz, a Jewish part of Krakow in Poland, made in 1983. The stationary video images are accompanied by the natural sound of the human heart beat and affect, at first glance, the semblance of personal, individual images. However, after reflection, the images also attempt to make visible the more general, collective fund of images and memories. In this way, the interplay between the individual and the collective memory has come into being.