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Anna van Suchtelen (e)

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an interview in three parts
film 12 min
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just like a bright silvery mist
Dapiran Art Project Space
14 February – 4 April 2015

0º is a film triptych, based on the history of the building of Dapiran Art Project Space. Archival research, street fieldwork and an interview with a former resident lead to a new text, that forms the basis. I focus on the fishmonger’s store, as it once used to be, and I distillate one detail: the ice on which the fish lies. Ice is vulnerable in its temporary state of frost. Zero degree is the tipping point: as soon as the melting process starts, it’s the end of the preservation. There is the same mutability and temporality in the performances of a writer, a drawer and an audio man. The ice has been put in to show the transformation: letters vaporize before one can read them, the drawing becomes fluid, and the sound is gone as soon as one stops making sound. From nothing to something to nothing.

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