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Anna van Suchtelen (e)


The thin stiff tissue - a retrograde I
film, 6 min, 2018
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‘A ‘sense of place’ includes: holding together all threads that form the thin and stiff tissue of the reality on-site’, according to Roel Bentz van de Berg. Just to mention the location already makes sure that ‘the soul immediately clenches and is put on alert’.
The research for this tissue of the reality on-site starts with language. With the word plek (place). Flip the letters and the meaning changes: PLEK becomes KELP. Kelp offers oxygen. Kelp extracts oxygen. Kelp is power food. Kelp is poison. Kelp is vital. Kelp is dangerous. Kelp is the forest in the sea. This retrograde – the reversion of words/letters/sounds – is the start of Het dunne stugge weefsel (The Thin Stiff Tissue), a journey to the place via kelp. Along coordinates of battles, revolution and tilting worldviews: locations where words sound and the soul automatically jumps on alert.