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Anna van Suchtelen (e)

52O05’23.6”N 5O07’48.6”E - a retrograde II
paper pulp, algae, 2018

52O05’23.6”N 5O07’48.6”E are the coordinates of a pond in the garden of Anna van Suchtelens temporary residence (Garden Studio K.F. Hein Foundation). The retrograde in this work – the reversion of words/letters/sounds – is not the start of a journey (see The Thin Stiff Tissue) but a retrograde at one location. It starts with language here as well, with the word plek (place). PLEK becomes KELP here as well. Kelp is alga. Algae is the new bio food. Algae is the new biofuel. Algae is a promise for the future. What is my biofuel? Anna van Suchtelen wondered. What would I bring with me to an uninhabited island? Her answer: pencil and paper. The material for her fuel was located in the pond: algae. With an empty page one can start over. Always, and everywhere. The unwritten sheet is a promise for the future.