John Dilling
~ Dynamic Equilibrium ~ Environmental artwork
Dynamic equilibrium occurs for reversible reactions, and that is when the rate of the upward reaction is equal to the rate of the reverse reaction. These equations are dynamic because the upward and downward reactions are always happening, but the two velocities are equal and unchanging, so they are also in equilibrium.

On display during the Exhibition "Evenwicht" at the Art Center K38 Roden (Dr).

As a result of its graceful wave movements, like the rippling water on the surface of a lake is pleasing to the eye. At the same time, due to its whisper-quiet serene movements, it gives a calm friendly tranquility and creating together with musical sounds a harmonious atmosphere in the room.

My Circular work as a visual artist is inspired by climate change and global warming.
I want to manifest in a circular artistic way awareness for a healthy environment and climate.
Made of circulair sustainable natural raw materials.
Size: D. 45 cm. x B. 200 cm. x H. 135 cm. on video also to be seen.