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Krystyna Ziach
Dark Street Revisited 1983-2013, I
Giclée-print, 112 x 159 cm, image size 100 x 146 cm, Hahnemühle Museum Etching Paper, 350 g

Dark Street Revisited 1983-2013
This series of 10 giclee prints is based on a series of black-and-white photographs entitled Dark Street, which Krystyna Ziach made in Poland in the winter of 1983 in the Jewish neighbourhood Kazimierz of Cracow. The series Dark Street was made spontaneously, as a personal registration of this historic district which bore witness to a lost Jewish culture. Although the war had been over for almost forty years, the images captured generally made a desolate impression, as if it were only shortly after the war. A few years later the Berlin wall went down, changing the political climate, and nowadays Kazimierz has been largely renovated. Some thirty years later, her imaginary journey through time is based on this series of photographs which until now had not yet been printed. In 2013 Krystyna Ziach made a new series of works: Dark Street revisited, 1983-2013, which consists of ten giclee prints. For her these works constitute a confrontation with the past and a personal reflection on transcience. The name Dark Street is the authentic name of one of the streets in Kazimierz (Ulica Ciemna), where this series of photoworks was created.
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