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Krystyna Ziach
The Atomic Bomb-75 years after Hiroshima ans Nagasaki
Exhibition at the Japan Museum, SieboldHuis, Leiden, NL
from September 25, 2020 until February 14, 2021
photo: Krystyna Ziach, Black Rain, diptych, 125 x 170 cm, 170 x 125 cm

For this exhibition, the Japan Museum SieboldHuis has collaborated with the City of Nagasaki and the city of Hiroshima. Also with museum partners and institutions such as Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum, Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum, Leiden University, and various contemporary artists and photographers such as Krystyna Ziach, Taniguchi Ken’ichiro and Tsuchida Hiromi.

Black Rain / Krystyna Ziach
During her stay in Japan Krystyna Ziach visited the Peace Memorial Museum in Hiroshima, which made a deep impression on her. What touched her particularly was the fact that, after de explosion, a black rain came down. Her diptych “Black Rain” was inspired by this apocalyptic phenomenon. In her studio she created an installation, consisting of a monumental background she painted, within which she situated a three-dimensional bamboo construction with black cloths. In this setting she placed herself as a performer.
The diptych “Black Rain” is a photographical registration in which performance, painting and a spatial construction go together.
Translation : Hanny Keulers