Portfolio rubrieken
Krystyna Ziach
Quinta Essentia, 1996, photo-sculpture
frame and socle made oout of corroded iron, on the surface of the photograph a filmic layer of water in permanent circulation; lambda-print 175 x 135 cm, diasec, socle 50 x 50 x50 cm with a system for a permanent water circulation
Solo exhibition Archê, 1995-96, installation
The Netherlands Photography Institute, 1996, Rotterdam, NL, curated by Frits Gierstberg

/..../ Fire always goes together with water in an antagonistic way, both having connotations of cleansing and recovery, but fire also standing for light and by extension for spiritual enlightenment, passion and love./..../
The Symbolic Imagery of Krystyna Ziach, text by Florent Bex, from the book Infinity & Archê / Krystyna Ziach, published by Thieme Art, 2006, NL
Florent Bex, honorary director of the Museum of Contemporary Art MuHKA, Antwerp, BE
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