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Krystyna Ziach
The Fountain of Time, part of an installation

/.../ Droplets of water on body parts and especially the water flowing over the face, spring from direct personal experience and observation, seized however by the imagination and thus changing into metaphorically laden representations which simultaneously reveal and hide. The face is the seat of all senses, but the eyes are closed. It is as if the intimate self only wants to be known surreptitiously and not to relinquish its deepest secrets. The face as a mystery, a gateway to the invisible, an obfuscated reflection of the inner intuitiveness. /.../
The Symbolic Imagery of Krystyna Ziach, text by Florent Bex, from the book Infinity & Archê / Krystyna Ziach, 2006, Thieme Art
Florent Bex, honorary director of the Museum of Contemporary Art MuHKA, Antwerp, BE
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