Ursula Kuiper

“Angel Child”
Painting of Ursula’s son Clayton Beugeling, as a hero,
in the image of the mythological figure St.Michael.

In honour of Clayton standing up against domestic abuse at a very young age. Jumped on his father without any hesitation, in order to protect his mother, this while she was being attacked in her pajamas on the stairs in their home. Physically his mother was to weak to protect herself, as she was sick at home, due to an exacerbation (asthma-bronchitus) of one year and it was waiting period to see if she would recover. From a child’s experience a long and scary time.
Clayton was luckily not ever abused physically by his father. At the age of fourteen-fifteen, Clayton grew physically into a strong and tall young man and knew he had become stronger then his father. Worrying daily about his father’s hostile attitude towards his mother, which worstened when she filed for divorce.
Clayton brave and strong, continued to protect-look out for his mother’s safety.
After the family moved from Qualicum Beach to Oakbay Victoria, Ursula trained hard and her healthy athletic body had returned. At this point, she could pick up her duty as the same protective strong mother to Clayton, whom she was before the exacerbation. By that time, stalking by Clayton’s father became also an added issue, which he and his mother had to deal with, within their family situation. Ursula saw day by day, this dysfunctional situation escalating and knew it would seriously get out of hand due to the uncontrolable anger issues the father of her child showed. During the official separation period, Ursula made the toughest decision ever in her life.
Her nr. 1 goal was; asap taking all the unfair pressure off of her son, this for him not having to constantly worry about his mother’s safety anymore.
Established by Ursula, with thorough research and in consultation with Clayton’s Highschool counselor and a professional childs psychologist, Clayton got the much needed room in having to learn to focus on himself, his interests and especially his school grades. This way to secure his future plans as wanting to become a film producer.
Regrettably, Clayton had to go through this as a child behind the bourgeois doors he lived in, something not any mother ever wishes upon her child-son. This sort of hard tough childhood experience can make or break a person. Thank heavens, they were very close as child and mother, spending daily fun loving quality time at home, in-after school activities, plus with friends and family from overseas, on the island and from the mainland. Many beautiful memories were also made.
Clayton remained strong, finished off Highschool and successfully earned himself a degree at McGill University in Montreal.
Now pursuing his dream as filmmaker and mentor in the film industry.

In his mid-late twenties Clayton was able to forgive his father.

The painting was painted in Oakbay Victoria during the stalking period. Ursula painted it, injected with all her love, admiration and gratefullness she has as a mother towards her dearest only child-son.
Its a tribute to her son, as well an acknowledgement and to record...to Never Forget Clayton’s Heroism as a young person.

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