Ursula Kuiper

Bloom Boldly ~ Bloom on.
An art piece | women and girls have all-round equal rights as human beings.

As a Dutch Creative female, Ursula celebrates in this piece of work, as females, we have the freedom just like males, to be boss of your own body mind and spirit (physically, career choice making, location where to live, religion, any individual choices they redeem fit), this without the fear of any intervention or being reprimanded by an upper-hand male dominance decision making for them.
Human inequality, is socially unacceptable in the main-stream Dutch households (with the exemption of the small backwards thinking religious sects, where men control everything from the household monies etc).
As it is also against the law, to suppress any women-sister-mother-daughter-partner, in whatever form or shape (verbally, physically, emotionally, financially etc).

This freedom of human equality for women in the Dutch society, unfortunately does not exist all over the world.

It is in these environments, where a certain
“ type of male”, are free in considering and/or treating girls or women as their servant and/or property in a position of father-son-brother-partner, this for their own status gain and pleasures.
A society and/or religious sect environment without human inequality is unfortunately, also an easy breeding ground where domestic abuse towards females can take place behind closed doors.
Some of these small group-type of men, act very kind outside of their home, others do not.

Ursula wants with this art piece: put a light on women in these suppressed situations, whom might look ok, perhaps even look beautifully dressed, look like they have it all or have materialistically nothing, yet keeping their heads up high...while they suffer from domestic abuse in silence.

Its important to know the difference between this small group of men and the true strong self confident males. The last mentioned, have empathy towards people, will support and elevate girls-women in having their own free choice. This in public, but more importantly, behind close doors in how they treat, talk and respect females.
Remember always as a female partner, you are his queen not his princess.
He does not stand in front of you, or on top of you.
A queen will be able to freely shine, and her king will admire this about her and not ever try to dim her shine. He will be your biggest cheerleader.
Most females do this automatc nurtering cheering on instinctively towards their partner and children.
And men who are raised by a strong independent thinking self confident mother, whereby during childrearing she corrects copied misbehavior in her son(s) towards females especially, thus being part off breaking the mistreatment of females, these males will show empathy and show automatically respect towards girls-women. These men noticeable stand out as strong responsible leaders and bridge-makers.

Every girl-woman has an inner compass, which senses immediately the difference when she is treated right or wrong and keep on guarding your inner compass and the ones whom try to dismantle it consciously with trickery. Your heart says perhaps the opposite, listen to your compass, as it will keep you clear eyed.

Ursula wants to let these women living under these domestic abusive situations know; there is nothing wrong with you, you are not asking for it, unfortunately you are in a wrong place.

***As an Artist, Ursula dedicates this piece of artwork “Bloom on”, to all the girls-women worldwide, whom might still live under these domestic abusive male dominant circumstances.
Respecting them; for remaining strong and holding onto to their inner strength in a very lonely scary situation.
For their balls- strength, to keep on continuing in having hope! in order to get out.
Once out, you will again or discover to “Bloom on” freely in whichever way you feel fit.

*Ursula would like to advice out of her own experience:
If you happen to be isolated in such a domestic abusive household, to please get help from a person-friends-professionals, whom you can trust and feel safe with, in order to organize your safe escape plan. Making sure firstly if you are a mother, that your child(rens) future(s) are safe guarded for their long run life re: food shelter education.
Every situation is unique and not cookie cut made!
Therefore, do what suits your situation best under these scary and trying times.
Its possible to get out, hang in there.
To not be embarrassed or hide what you went through ever. I understand what you are going through.
I, myself felt very embarrassed too to tell anyone back then, many years ago. For the very reason that I was as an athletic person all my life, and due to an exacerbation (asthma bronchitus) period was very sick and unable to protect myself when this physical domestic abuse was starting to happen. Often, alcohol abuse etc is a part of the problem.

Tell what happened openly when you are safe again and do soonly, when feel ready to do so....even if it takes years later. It can help other women who are still stuck in this situation, to support their hope.
Also sharing your story, will give the chance with the continuing education around the world on this serieus matter.
One in the 3 women (rapported) are being abused.
Mothers hold on in these kind of abusive relationships, will stay strong and do anything to hope for the best.
Therefore, once you decide...do not ever worry about what people (neighbours, friends, family, in-laws) will think and say, when you share your experience on this matter.
There will always will be talk and speculations, let them do their thing, do not take it personally... most have no clue what domestic abuse entails. Out of my experience, the ones who love you truly, who are honest and good observers, already noticed their was something off.

Be on guard of certain people or religious sect organizations, who prey on people in these kind of desperate situations...be very careful and go to the proper government authorities and trusting friends.
Unfortunately, the reality is, domestic abuse can happen to any woman once she isolated. Even to the strongest alpha leader type: it creeps in slowly, methodically and unnoticed...at first.

Domestic abuse is a serieus silent destructive dysfunctional family situation.
It can only be resolved through professional help for the abuser. If your attempt to get help for your family, where your pro-active stand suggests for the abuser to get help and this falls on dead ears, or that person keeps on making a excuses, taking no responsibility and blames you for his abusive acts...get out for your own well being (and your childrens) in order to break the cycle.

Journal, draw, exercise, garden, seek prof help whatever personally suits you best, to be able to express what you are going through.
As an Artist, my art was my confidant- where I could express my feelings within my paintings and that kept me going during that period.
Never give up hope, know your worth, you can do it, you are a Thriver not ever a victim.

87cm X 45cm
Materials Acrylics on linnen real gold leaf mixed & collage Fine Artist Ursula Eleonora Kuiper

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