Ursula Kuiper


Explanation of the work:
The painting is of my son Clayton Beugeling.
Painted in the image of a good angel with a sword (like angel Michael), this as Clayton protected his mother during a domestic violence attack, during a year I was very re: an exacerbation COPD.
Unfortunately at the time, I was physically weak to protect myself and indirectly my young son Clayton for this horrible domestic scene.
Being a strong women-mother-activist, it was hard to witness what my child had to endure, as I was unable to protect him at the time.

Painted in honour of Claytons courageous act.

Size: 1.20cm x 98cm
Materials: Acrylics and Real Gold Leaf
*** Important: Ladies don’t ever be ashamed if you ever had to endure or are still in a domestic violence situation, it can happen to any woman. I never thought it could happen to me. Known as a strong woman by family and friends, I was so ashamed it had happened and hid it for the outside world. The statistics: 1 ot of 3 CDN females, 1 out 5 Dutch females will endure abuse and these are the “registered” cases.
Its never your fault! Do not stay quiet, try to get prof help asap, so you can hopefully prevent ending up into further unsafe spiraling situations.
Be very aware of religious cults or certain men who are too eager to “help”, without wanting to inform or involve official government institutions on your behalf. Stay away from these people, if harrased, go to the police if need be.
You are strong and wise, tell your doctor. Do not ever give up!