Ursula Kuiper

Title: GEBRUIKERS - USERS- a satire spin on my family unit that time.

Duality of images explained:
King= my son Clayton Beugeling, utmost comfortable bourgeois upbringing, center of the universe, smart, fun, cute, sweet, highly spoiled = representing Colonialism.
Lady Statue of Liberty = myself as comfortable hard working self made artist and stylist too overcompensating mother protector of her family oriented activist for human-rights charitywork distraught under the domestic circumstances and hiding this from the world behind the mask at times naive = representing Consumerism.
Joker = former husband exchanged his poetic creative soul for all his succes in the car industry insecure fun obsessed to stand out and being boss extremely money focussed no matter at what means and cause= representing Capatalism.

153 cm x 117 cm
Acrylics Ricepaper, charcoal on paper

Public Collection Qualicum Beach BC Canada