Ursula Kuiper

Title: No title
96 cm X 83 cm
Acrylics on Canvas

* Background for inspiring me to paint this painting:
Due to immense stalking during the separation period from my former husband in Canada.
I unfortunately had to flee to europe (to my parents) for my own safety and most importantly; providing the needed peace 4 our son whom was nearing Highschool graduation and being able to still finish off his schooling successfully and not having to worry about his mums safety anymore. This way, we could follow through as planned, with him going to Montreal MCGill as he was a smart kid and thereafter filmschool.
My choice to do it this way during these indescribable times, to protect my sons future opportunities. Clayton understood the tough choice I had made for the both of us at that time, of course it was killer for both of us.
I take full responsibilty for my decision. As a mother you think what is best for your child - long term, in such bad situation. He had the chance to get the best edu, as I found that most important for his future.

*** About this Painting:
Unexpectedly, near the end of my separation, a friend became my muse.
He gave me the needed comfort and safe protected feeling, which I needed at the time. I felt appreciated, understood, respected, admired and most important listened to, for just being me.
I became incredibly inspired, I was allowed to exist-take up space again in this world, and this resulted in a new approach-evolvement in my artwork.
Time moved on and we remained good respectful friends after the end of our intimate relationship in 2004.

His looks were intriguing, as he was 6ft tall and very broad shouldered built.
This was the very moment I started experimenting and approaching my work differently. Pursued further with use of the gold paints, which I had begun using while making the “Claytons Angel” painting in Oakbay.
My painting style became more figurative and line-drawing like, as suppose to abstract expressionism. My brushstrokes became more loose. Contrasted with also doing line drawing-painting. My colour pallet leaned more towards the renaissance period. Furthermore, my subject matter changed from discussing political, environmental or exploring my roots, to very personal matters...starting with the Angel painting of Clayton.
My work became one topic, instead of the duality themed, seen in most of my previous work.