Jovan About art and himself:
"The chaos of ideas that have arisen in my head, the inner deprived energy, wants to come out like a volcano and thus become an explosion and a symphony of colors on the canvas, framed with matter, figures, faces or abstract compositie ‘’.
My work is close to expressionist style, but I like to experiment with pop art and action painting.
I am a contemporary artist. Most work is painted with pallet knife. Color has been applied to the canvas with a feeling and emotion that comes deep from my soul. Theme is less important if I am satisfied with the composition and the color. Experimenting in art, with styles, techniques, colors, etc, is very important to me. I think: "If you, as an artist, adhere to only one style throughout your life, then you are dead as an artist." In art and in life, for me, one goal is: keep going! And I often say: "We don't know what is hidden behind the closed door until we open it"
jovan srijemac (JovanArt) Curriculum Vitae

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