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Guest Cabin at the NDSM - Open call for June - July - August 2024

Stichting la Jetée | (Amsterdam)

Guest Cabin at the NDSM - Open call for June - July - August 2024

We offer a 2-3 month working period in a Guest Cabin at the NDSM Art City in Amsterdam. The working period is meant to get to know the art scene in Amsterdam, work in a creative environment and develop a project according to a project proposal.

Guest Cabin:

Have a look at the work of our current guest artist:

Open call for June - July - August 2024

The spot, paid by the artist, consists of a cabin opening to the main workfloor shared with 4 other makers (no sleeping). We can provide you with a letter to apply for scholarships and can support you to find a place to stay for the limited period of the residency.

We are particularly interested in artists and designers who have a keen eye for durability and environmental issues and who work on design or concepts as much as with materials, since the workshop is equipped for woodwork and welding.

Price: E360,- ex VAT per month including exhibition.

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