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first code nl-d symposium

IMPAKT Centrum | (Utrecht)

If you could influence new laws regulating big tech, privacy and freedoms online, what would you demand? As our lives are taking more and more place online, digital rights are more and more important. Everywhere we see initiatives trying to get to grips with issues of privacy and freedom in our digital public sphere.

The project CODE NL-D creates a dialogue between policy makers, artists and citizens, in order to bridge the gap between those creating laws and legislation, creatives who pursue a new vision and individuals who utilise digital software. What potential do these cross-disciplinary collaborations have to catalyse a new more safe and inclusive digital public sphere?

The first symposium centres around the questions:
• Which systems need to be put in place — and by whom?
• What kind of change do we want?
• How can we contribute to this change?

We will tackle these questions through keynotes and two panel discussions (Participants detailed here https://impakt.nl/code-nld/). With experts, politicians and artists we will confront issues relating to current and new technologies and their societal impact.

Connected Digital Europe (CODE) NL-D is a collaboration between IMPAKT Center for Media Culture in Utrecht, the Netherlands and School of Machines, Making & Make-Believe in Berlin, Germany. Our desired goal is to influence public policy and define ways in which we can improve laws and legislation that will protect us as digital citizens and consumers.

Join us on June 26th for the first CODE NL-D Symposium!


10-06-2021 t/m 10-07-2021


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