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PHOTOGRAPHY studio, Amsterdam West.

Donata Kukyte | (Amsterdam)

We are looking to add another person to add to our photography studio in broedplaats Contact near Westerpark/Slotermeer. Shared with 3 photographers, studio is 45m2, with high ceilings (3,5-4m), natural light, blackout curtains, AND we share a load of equipment (flashes, stands, polyboards, desk, etc.), so you do not need to buy it yourself!

The building has woodwork workshops, 3D printers, laser cutters and more machinery, all included in the price. Great location (Westerpark and Sloterdijk station nearby, Isolatorweg metro on the same street), indefinite contract, super nice people and community in the building.

Price per month - €298 + BTW.

For more info - dkukyte@gmail.com


09-02-2024 t/m 09-08-2024

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