Performing Artist Dance Improv

Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken | (Rhenen)

Join Our Dynamic Dance Improv Ensemble!

Are you a passionate and creative dance improv performer looking to collaborate on exciting artistic projects? We are assembling a new ensemble dedicated to innovative dance expressions and transformative experiences from 2024 to 2030. Join us in shaping the future of live performance, personal growth facilitation, multimedia production, and more!

Position: Dance Improv Dancer
Rehearsals Location: Rhenen, Netherlands
Remote / hybrid / outdoors / nomad projects
Project Based Contract
Part time

About Us:
We are a promising forward-thinking artistic collective project based in Rhenen, preparing to embarking on a multi-year journey to explore the intersections of dance, technology, and personal development. Our ensemble will be committed to pushing boundaries and creating impactful experiences through improvisational dance.


Short listed candidates will be assigned to one or more of the following activities and projects

• Perform live dance improv showcases in various settings and events.
• Collaborate on multimedia projects combining dance with emerging technologies.
• Facilitate workshops and training sessions for personal growth through dance.
• Contribute to research initiatives exploring the therapeutic benefits of dance.
• Engage in collective exploration and experimentation during ensemble sessions.
• Participate in research projects utilizing emerging technologies


• Strong background in dance improvisation with a versatile movement vocabulary.
• Demonstrated ability to express emotions and narratives through movement.
• Willingness to participate in collective casting and exploration sessions.
• Openness to interdisciplinary collaboration and experimentation.
• Excellent communication skills and a collaborative spirit.

• Entrepreneurial, creative and personal growth mindset


As we provide training ourselves for specific projects, including personal growth and therapeutical programs and performances, we welcome amateurs, and professional dancers, to be organized in crews of similar expertise level.

• Amateurs, hobby performers
• Professional dancers any style, with improv capacity

Application Process:

1. Send your application to
2. Schedule a 10-minute audio interview to expressing your interest and motivations.
3. Provide a solo dance improv video showcasing your skills (with preferred music track). After the interview you will receive more instructions where and how to upload your video
4. Attend a collective casting event in Rhenen for further exploration (1-3 hours). Dates and time to be announced


• Opportunity to work on short and long-term, transformative artistic projects (2024-2030).
• Access to training programs and development opportunities.
• Collaborative environment fostering personal and professional growth.
• Competitive compensation based on project involvement.

Join Us in Redefining Dance and Artistic Expression!
If you are ready to embark on an exciting journey of artistic exploration and personal growth, we want to hear from you! Apply now to be part of our innovative dance improv ensemble and contribute to groundbreaking projects at the intersection of art, technology, and human experience.

To apply, please submit your application with a direct message, with and get ready your solo dance improv video, and contact details.

It’s important to note that the recruitment process is personally managed by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, and candidates should refrain from seeking or sharing information about the program through third parties. We do not employ external recruiters, and no one outside of our ecosystem can offer a better future role or opportunity in our company. We advise candidates to prioritize their privacy throughout the application process.

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