Joanne DeBrass

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Rochemaure Aquarelle 10 Biennale 2024, Frankrijk

Tentoonstelling 05-07-2024 t/m 14-07-2024 > Rochemaure, Frankrijk
Groepstentoonstelling, demo en workshop bij:
Rochemaure Aquarelle 10 Biennale 2024
5 -14 Juli 2024
10.00 - 19.00 u (maandag - zaterdag)
Château de Joviac,
Boulevard de la Croix de la Lauze
07400 ROCHEMAURE - Ardèche
Joanne DeBrass Rotterdam
Joanne DeBrass
Kunstenaar / illustrator / grafisch ontwerper

" My art is a means for me to be totally spontaneous, to let my subconscious take over, to renew and refresh my inner being, almost more than food, air and water do. It links me to the divine, to something transcendental, taking me away from the mundane and analytical motions of daily life. Music, dance and the play of light touch my soul and play a big role in my art. This rhythm of motion is visible in my art, in the brushstrokes, the choice of colours and shapes. I like to capture the light (and therefore shade) in nature, the light in people's souls: the passion they feel doing the things they love. I hope that this is what viewers take away from my art: a moment of connection with the passion and light, captured in the artwork. "

Joanne is a passionate artist, graphic designer, illustrator, dancer and teacher.

Her love for art started at the early age of two, as she watched her mother paint. She was encouraged to paint right through her childhood. After her O-Levels in Art from the University of London and Bachelor degree in Fine Arts she has had a successful, 25 year career in advertising, Illustration and graphic design. She also studied Digital Animation at BCIT, Canada.

Her wide range of professional experience has made her a very versatile artist. Joanne loves to paint in different styles and themes using a number of different mediums like watercolors, acrylic, ink, pencil and digital tools, such as Procreate, Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. This broad palette of skills has brought her numerous commissions for children's book illustrations, paintings and portraits. She also conducts art classes for kids and adults.

There are two distinct sides to Joanne's personality: the depth of the introvert and the liveliness of the extrovert. This contrast in her nature is reflected in her art. Her exuberant spontaneity is depicted in the dynamic brush strokes of motion. Her introspective and philosophical side is seen in her still life and her portraits. Joanne has the ability to truly capture the essence of human emotion, the play of light on her subjects, and the reality of the inanimate object. Her fascination for new artistic experiences and growth, drives her to keep exploring, experimenting and learning, honing her skills: always searching for the perfect artistic expression.

In 2021, Joanne participated in the big art event in the Netherlands, The Colorfield Performance which attracts 40,000 visitors each year. 450 artists participated, each painting live for one day in an open field. The artworks were on display for 6 months.

Early in 2020, she participated in Art Battle Bangalore and was first runner up by public vote. This was a vibrant, live art event where 12 chosen artists battled to finish a large painting in 20 minutes, in front of a large audience. She has exhibited her work in DYU Art cafe and also participated in the prestigious Indian Art exhibition, Chitra Santhe in Jan 2021 by the Chitrakala Parishad art institute in Bangalore.


Upcoming Expositions / Workshops:

1. Exposition: Dynamic Emotions by Joanne DeBrass
from 4 June - 28 June 2022
At Brugman Art Café, Herenstraat 125, Voorburg
Tues - Fri: 10.00 17.30
Mon: 12 17.30
Sat: 10.00 17.00
Sunday Closed

2. Workshop: "Eenvoudig, prachtig aquarelwerk maken" door Joanne DeBrass
18 June 2022
At Brugman Art Café, Herenstraat 125, Voorburg
Sat: 14.00 16.00

Exposition: Love and Light by Joanne DeBrass
At Kunstwinkel Puur, Einsteinplaats 906, Ommoord
Daily: 10.00 17.30
Sunday Closed

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