1947 Margarita Nicolaas is born in Amsterdam, the daughter of an Armenian father and a Dutch mother.

1965 After leaving secondary school she attends a three-year course in Pantomime, taught by Frits Vogels.

1968 After her studies at the National Academy of Art in Amsterdam she decides to pursue her career as an independent artist.

1975 She lives and works in the colourful red light district of Amsterdam During this period, while painting the prostitutes in the area, she comes to the conclusion that they are more interested in one another than in men.

1979 She is admitted to the scheme (BKR) to provide additional opportunities for employment in the visual arts. Certain themes start to become apparent in her work. Most of both her oil paintings and gouaches are of classical objects, and later reclining nudes in natural settings and embracing couples.

1983 Exhibition at Galerie Hans Winkel in Amsterdam.

1985 She moves into her first proper studio in Amsterdam.
Exhibitions at Galerie Plein 7 in Amsterdam and
Galerie De Zaaier in Assendelft.

1986 She visits Greece for the first time, and gains much inspiration from her acquaintance with a Greek musician and flamenco guitarist.

Exhibitions at Galery ‘t Spant in Bussum, Galerie Guido de Spa in Amsterdam, Galerie De Lamere Bergh in Amsterdam,
Galerie Doe in Middelburg, and Galerie Kusthuis 13 in Velp.

Participant in Group Exhibitions “De Onafhankelijken” in the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam, Galerie Kraplak and Galerie Warmoesstraat 139, both in Amsterdam.

1987 She decides to work alternatively at studios in Greece and the Netherlands. She will ultimately spend seven years shuttling back and forth between her two studios. This greatly influences her choice of subjects and use of colour, which become now light and transparant.

1988 Her work features on the covers of volumes of poetry by Carla Boogaards, and on covers of the publishers An Dekker and the Bezige Bij.

Group exhibition “De Onafhankelijken” in Amsterdam.

1989 First exhibition in Athens at the Evmaros Galery. Her paintings present a lively, expressionistic figurative impression. In the meantime, she begins to produce increasing numbers of charcoal sketches of her experiences. Commissioned to paint a mural in Hania (Crete, Greece).

Group Exhibition at Art Singel 100 in Amsterdam.

1990 Exhibitions in Galerie Lelyveld in Enkhuizen and Galerie Wim Patberg in Amsterdam. Commissioned to paint several portrets, and the cover of a novel published by the Bezige Bij.

1991 Group exhibition at De Nationale Galerie in Bussum.

1992 Exhibitions in Galerie Zienagoog in Zaandam and Galerie Blom in Amsterdam.

1994 and 1996 Exhibitions in Galerie Jan Steen in Amsterdam.

1995 Group exhibition in the Oosterkerk in Amsterdam.

1997 Exhibition at Galerie Kunsthuis in Workum.

1998 Exhibitions in Galerie De Posthoorn in The Hague, Gooiland theatre in Hilversum and the Dutch Reformed Church in Oosthuizen. Group Exhibition “Stuwing” at Galerie De Zaaier in Amsterdam.

1999 She moves to Harlingen and sets up studio in the former dairy factory in Ried, a village some 5 km from Harlingen. Exhibition at Galerie Taveerne in Harlingen.

2001 Exhibition at Galerie De Druif in Amsterdam and Galerie De Engel in Harlingen.

2004 Choreographer and Dancer Charlotte Överholm at Stockholm ,Sweden invited her to a performance in het Theatre and uses affiches from her one of her pastels on billbords around the City.

Exhibition Tangoat the Ambassy in Antwerp and Helsinki , Finland
andat the National Library te The Haque, Netherlands

2005–2006 Gallery De Fabriek in Ried , Group Exhibition Facit Franeker., The Netherlands

2007 Exhibition 't Heerenlogement , Harlingen
Galerie Dancestreet te Amsterda

2008 Galerie Artistik te Amsterdam

2009 Exhibition de Kosterij in de Midden Beemster

2010 Kunstroute Facit

2011 Kunstroute Facit

2012 Kunstroute Facit
Galerie de Fabriek te Ried

Publications en articles:

1985 Newspaper Noord Hollands Dagblad ,De Gelderlander

1986 Art Magazine Kunstbeeld

1987,1995,1995,1998 Art Magazine Alert

1999 Newpapers Noord Hollands Dagblad ,Harlinger Krant

Gooi en Eemlander

2002 Newpaper De Gelderlander

Since 1983, the Art Libraries throughout the Netherlands have accepted and purchased her work, which have become also increasingly popular.

Margarita Nicolaas

Email: maenicolaas@gmail.com

Website : http://www.margaritanicolaas.com

Mobiel : 0640203510

Adres : St. Jacobstraat 16
8861 AX Harlingen

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