Olga Rook is a photographer based in Rotterdam. Her artistic approach can be characterized as poetic conceptualism, grounded in ideas but flavored with poetry.

Olga obtained her master’s and PhD degrees in History specializing in Renaissance culture. She believes that training as a historian had helped her develop a habit of being able to “live in different times at once" allowing her to expand the borders of everyday perception.
Olga has always been intrigued by perception, imagination, time and illusion. Her fine art imagery is about the “mystery” of everyday life - the symbols, meanings and hidden “dimensions” discovered and constructed through observation and imagination. Potential meanings and messages are behind everything we see, and whole parallel worlds are to be evoked by imagination. In her work Olga seeks to explore these virtual universes, space twists and time warps. Ultimately, a travel through the subconscious and the search for meanings are a way to confront ourselves.
Olga Rook Curriculum Vitae
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