Back to the Future

15-10-2012 t/m 31-12-2012

Soft Voices

at exhibition Back to the Future - about our future past
PGGM Zeist
curator: Wout Hoogendijk
For the exhibition space of PGGM Company in Zeist, CBKU has created a spin-off of the exhibition Back to the Future, shown last Winter at CBKU. Also this time the focus point is our future past. What elements of our present society would be representative in the future? Which remains would survive and would be dug, in order to tell our contemporary story?
Work is shown by Frank Koolen, Michael Johansson, Anna van Suchtelen, EDHV and Fleur Thio.
Anna van Suchtelen Back to the Future

Under Pressure – 33 years Graphic Studio Utrecht

30-09-2012 t/m 21-10-2012

30 September until 21 October
Antiquarian & Art Store Niek Waterbolk
Schoutenstraat 10 3512 GB Utrecht
Open Wed till Sun 12 a.m. - 5.30 p.m.
Opening: Sunday 30 September 4 p.m.
with a special opening at 5 p.m. by Edwin Jacobs, Director Centraal Museum Utrecht. Following, visual artist Anna van Suchtelen will perform a surprising opening ritual.
about GAU and Under Pressure
Anna van Suchtelen Under Pressure – 33 jaar Grafisch Atelier Utrecht

Pilgrim Kootwijk

08-09-2012 t/m 09-09-2012

Anna van Suchtelen Pelgrim Kootwijk
Anna van Suchtelen Pelgrim Kootwijk

Kunstliefde Prize 2012

24-08-2012 t/m 02-09-2012

nominees: Zeno van den Broek, Herman van Doorn, Truus van den Heuvel en Anna van Suchtelen
jury: Hans Laban, Famke Grootswagers, Els Vegter en Cissy van der Wel.
Friday August 24, 2012 at 8 p.m.: interview Liesbeth Hemelrijk and nominees Kunstliefde Prize 2012
Sunday September 2, 2012 at 4 p.m.: award ceremony
Anna van Suchtelen Kunstliefdeprijs 2012
Anna van Suchtelen Kunstliefdeprijs 2012

Contraposto Featured Artist summer 2012: Anna van Suchtelen

21-06-2012 t/m 21-09-2012

A walk in the woods

an intercultural pilgrimage
Anna van Suchtelen Contraposto Featured Artist zomer 2012: Anna van Suchtelen

Art at the Scheene

08-06-2012 t/m 23-06-2012

Anna van Suchtelen Kunst aan de Scheene