about the work

As an artist I create in multiple areas: art (paper and textile), graphic design, webdesign, photography.

It would be to much to tell about all disciplines, I've chosen to tell you more about the category art, and in specific 'the Block serie':

Block is a concept for textile artworks that can be translated towards interiordesign. Its a concept about light, color and architectural composition. To make the concept work, it is a site specific design.

It can be a roomdivider, or vertical slats in front of a window, or an artwork on the wall in front of artificial light.

The photos in this category show different sides of the three-dimensional paintings, the Samples. Sometimes with backlighting, sometimes with normal light (artificial or daylight). The transparant textile reacts with the light and different images appear. Temporary images, the Samples are a collection of moments: it takes shape in your memory.