About Mia's work

Mia Westerhof (Haulerwijk 1955 The Netherlands)) is an artist and teacher, living and working in The Hague.
Mia obtained her bachelor degree arts and crafts in 1980. For many years she taught children in secondary schools. In the meantime she studied at the Minerva Academy of Arts in Groningen, which she finished cum laude in the subjects drawing and painting in 1993. As an independent artist she creates her own work and she also works to commission. More information about her career and portfolio can be found on her website www.miawesterhof.kunstinzicht.nl .
For the last two years Mia has found satisfaction in teaching both children and adults. Apart from the basic curriculum, students also learn about classic subjects. As an added benefit you might forget your daily worries for a little while. For further Information about the course program, (also taught in English) please visit: www.volksuniversiteitdenhaag.nl The Wednesday is full, but there is still a capacity available for three persons in a small class on Monday afternoon.

Looking at Mia’s portfolio on her website, you will quickly notice the breadth of her interests. Most of the time she finds her inspiration for painting and drawing in every day scenes of life ‘’en plein air”. The artist knows how street views change over time and that she needs to catch the situation with great integrity before it is gone. Sometimes her interest is sparked by the historical atmosphere in an abandoned building or by fascinating archaeological excavations, such as those at Wateringse Veld (Roman remains) or at some of Friesland’s ”terpen” (ancient artificial habitation mounts).
The highlight in her career so far has been to receive permission from the foreman to paint for several years on prominent locations during the construction of Amsterdam’s new underground, known as the North-South line. As part of this project, she painted the ”Ferdinand Bolstraat”, which was subsequently acquired by the Amsterdam Museum in 2008.
What we see around us is a perpetually changing an dynamic world of bricks and soil, surrounded by urban sounds. With the artist we notice the scaffoldings and the moving cranes, but be careful where you put your safety boots in the heavy clumps of mud!

Mia Westerhof prefers to work in the following materials and technics: canvas (divers formats), oil-paint, acrylic paint, wood, chalk, oil pastel, ink, charcoal, paper.
When you want to leave a reaction or when you are interested in one of the artworks, you will find a contact form at Mia’s website under the knob: CV