At the moment my work as an artist consists out of making paintings and works on paper. I mainly work in series, whereby, after inner reflection, works are created around certain themes.
I try to explore and work out these themes in different ways.
Next to intuition and emotion, spontanity and vitality are the motors to realize my personal vision. In my work I strife to integrate the conceptual and the intuitive. World literature and poetry, classical mythology and painting itself, are a source of inspiration for my work, in which there is a coming together of abstraction and figuration. Language, in for me relevant words and texts, are playing a role in my work. Elements of language do mark the images and also evoke images of their own. Another charistic element is an undertone of a certain erotic atmosphere in a great deal of the work.

Ernest Van Buynder, former president of the Museum of Contemporary Art Antwerp MuHKA, wrote in my catalogue ‘Abundance’ from 2008 :
One is never confronted with an absolute anatomy of form and of colour in his new works, for they are heavy with traces of organic forms. In the vertical structures we see even anthropomorphic forms. Man as a being which remains within the reign of nature, an eternal challenge to everything cultural and spiritual.
Richard Bouwman Curriculum Vitae
Eros & Psyche XXVII, 2019, acryl op linnen, 200 x 155 cm

Time: 0.009