Academy of fine arts, Rotterdam

Since 1998 I 've had great pleasure in giving many art classes for adults and children, organising workshops for businessorganisations and special events. Very popular are the "open atelier"-days.
The last two years I turned my focus to being an independant artist and to exhibit my work.
‘Come with me and travel through a mystical, magical world, find peace and quiet and forget the hectic world all around you’. This is the message my paintings in the Travel-series breathe!

From the beginning I’ve been inspired by the way impressionist artists use light and colour, especially the latest works of Claude Monet. Furthermore, my travels around the world, e.g. in the East, give this continuing source of Inspiration a much deeper and far more personal touch: the mix of colours in combination with the often magical atmosphere are the very elements of the basis which I start from.

Working with layers of acrylic and oil painting, sometimes strengthened with textiles of other materials like pigments or goldpaper, I create a transparency in the painting with a 3D-effect. Using many accents and subtile touches of light, combining them with the use and mixing of many subtile colours, the creation of a scene arises in which the spectator can explore his own perspective. Whenever you look again, you many see new items, perspective or feeling: the purpose is to touch the soul of the viewer. As a spectator you feel you can walk from reality right info your own mystical world of the painting, can explore it, find peace and quiet and just forget for a moment the real world around you.
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My atelier
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Finishing my painting The Travel
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