Marieken Cochius Curriculum Vitae
Marieken Cochius Curriculum Vitae (2)
Marieken Cochius Curriculum Vitae (3)
Kunst Academie St. Joost, Breda, Netherlands. Photography and Film.

2021:  Individual Artist Commission, NYSCA Decentralization Grant Program administered by
          Arts Mid-Hudson.
2020:  Foundation for Contemporary Arts: FCA Emergency Grants COVID-19 Fund
          Marjorie Curit Award for Contemporary and Non-Traditional work. Providence Art Club, RI
2016:  Commission for Public Sculpture funded by Hudson River Foundation Grant for the
           Village of Wappingers Falls, NY.
2007:  Vermont Studio Center; residency (11/07)
2005:  Jacklight Gallery, NYC; Best in Show award: SOLO show.
1999:  Vermont Studio Center; residency (4/99)
1992:  Golden Flame: 1st Prize in Dutch National Video Award for up and coming talent. Short productions.
1989:  Eddie Adams Workshop, Jeffersonville, NY : 4 day photography workshop

2017:  Sculpture for the Village of Wappingers Falls, NY.  Installed on 12/20/2020 
"The Gathering" Driftwood and metal. 96"x 66"x 18"  (240cm x 165cm x 45cm)

2023: June: DNA galerie, Deventer, the Netherlands
2022:  Muroff Kotler Visual Arts Gallery, SUNY ULSTER: Guiding The Currents
Palmer Gallery, Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, NY: Impulse and Stillness.
Patchett Gallery, Montgomery, NY: Elements of the Motherboard: According to Plan.
  Grinnell Library, Wappingers Falls, NY: Solo
2016:  Holland Tunnel Gallery, Brooklyn, NY: A Space Once Occupied, Now Empty.
Matteawan Gallery, Beacon, NY: Invisible Nature.
2012:  Lily Too Gallery, Madison, CT: Marieken Cochius. 
2005:  Jacklight Gallery, NY, NY:  Oology.
1990:  De Foyer, Nijmegen, Netherlands: Meat Market, NY.

2023: The Lockwood Gallery, Kingston, NY: Driven to Abstraction
2022:  Howland Center, Beacon, NY
The 2022 Kingston Design Showhouse: Artworks selected by Pippa Biddle
2021: The 2021 Kingston Design Showhouse: Artworks selected by Maryline Damour
2021:  OMG Art Fair in Kingston, NY. Represented by The Lockwood Gallery
2019:  ARTBAR gallery, Kingston, NY: Natural Inclinations, 2 person show with Carole Kuntstadt
2018:  CMA gallery, MSMC Newburgh, NY: Complex Ecologies, 2 person show with Jackie Skrynski
Holland Tunnel Gallery, Brooklyn, NY: Dark Matter, 2 person show with Kent Peterson
 The Lockwood Gallery, Kingston, NY: One Thing Leads to Another
 6th International Drawing Triennial in Tallinn (Estonia): IMPULSE
 Five Points Gallery, Torrington, CT: 2021, curated by Joseph Fucigna
 CreArt Music Festival 2020/21 - Web Experience Edition with Guillermo Laporta
 LBIF, Loveladies, NJ:  "Works on Paper" 2021, curated by Lanka Tattersall (MoMA)
 Sculptors Alliance, New York, NY: Up-cycling Detritus,  Virtual show , curated by Vernita Nemec
 The Delaplaine Arts Center, Frederick, MD: 2021 National Show curated by Margaret Winslow
 Cambridge Art Association, Cambridge, MA: 2021 National  curated by Alice Gray Stites
 Studio Montclair, Montclair, NJ: 'ViewPoints 2021' Curated by Eleanna Anagnos director of OyG Projects
 Michael Rose Fine Arts, RI: Artists to Follow in 2021
 The Art Effect, Poughkeepsie, NY: Home Sick. Curated by Mary-Kay Lombino, Curator, Loeb Art Center, Vassar
2020:  LABspace, Hillsdale, NY: Small works
 Roxbury Arts Center, Roxbury, NY: Small works
 Holland Tunnel Newburgh Gallery, Newburgh, NY: Terra/Derma 3 person show
 Awakenings, Chicago IL: Bloom
 Dartmouth Cultural Center, Dartmouth, MA:  Off the Wall, Online Auction 
 Local Project Art Space, LIC, NY: In Between.
 Alexey von Schlippe Gallery of Art, UConn Avery Point, CT: Open Air 2020
 Foundry Art Centre, St Charles, MO: Global Impact
 The Artist Essentials: "What Matters Most", curated by Huguette Despault-May                        
 Impermanent Earth  5 Collages included in website created by Rachel TonThat
 AMH, Poughkeepsie, NY: Looking back in Wonder, curated by Greg Slick and Eliza Pritzker
 Attleboro Arts Museum, Attleboro, MA: On the Surface, curated by Neil Walsh
 Art Gym Denver, Denver, CO: artWork from Home 
 Providence Art Club, Providence, RI: curated by Dr. Matthew Hargraves. Marjorie Curit Award
 Samual Dorsky Museum of Art, New Paltz, NY: Stay Home Make Art,  5/11 Instagram                                 Walter Meade Gallery, Roxbury, NY: Large Works
 Queen City 15 Gallery, Poughkeepsie, NY: Nude
 Holland Tunnel Gallery, Newburgh, NY: Vision 2020
2019:  Queen City 15, Poughkeepsie, NY: Portals, curated by Linda Marston-Reid
 AnnMarie Sculpture Garden, Solomon, MD: When Darkness Falls
 Hudson Beach Glass Gallery, Beacon, NY: Canopy, 3 person show, curated by Chris Davison
 WAAM, Woodstock, NY: Radius 50 curated by Cathleen Chaffee, Albright Knox Gallery
 Ely Center of Contemporary Art, New Haven, CT: Ear To The Ground
2018:  Holland Tunnel Art Newburgh, Newburgh, NY: Open 
 Percolate Art Space, Pittsburgh, PA: Met-a-mor-pho-sis
 Loft Artist Gallery, Stamford, CT: Relishing Restraints. Curated by Krista Saunders Scenna
 Cigar Factory, LIC, NY: Allow me to Reintroduce Myself.  Curated by Krista Saunders Scenna    
 WAAM, Woodstock, NY: Far and wide. Curated by Daniel Belasco, Al Held Foundation
 Holland Tunnel Gallery, Newburgh, NY: First View
 Pro Arts, Casa Colombo, Jersey City, NJ: Curators Choice
 Kentler International Drawing Center: Collect and Connect
 LABspace, Hillsdale, NY: True North
 Sideshow Gallery, Brooklyn, NY: The Greatest Show on Earth
2017:  Ann Street Gallery, Newburgh, NY: Silent Sentinels
 LABspace, Hillsdale, NY: Taconic North
 Arts Mid Hudson, Poughkeepsie, NY: Catalysts
 Sideshow Gallery, Brooklyn, NY: Through the Rabbit hole II
2016:  Sideshow Gallery, Brooklyn, NY: Through the Rabbit hole
 Kentler International Drawing Center, Brooklyn, NY: 100 works on paper
2015:  Ube Gallery, Berkeley, CA: From where I stand
 GCCA, Catskill, NY: Microcosm
Seton Hall School of Law University, Newark, NJ: New Works Show
 Kentler International Drawing Center, Brooklyn, NY: 100 works on paper
 Space Create, Newburgh, NY: Art About Water
 Sideshow Gallery, Brooklyn, NY: Circle the Wagons
2014:  Holland Tunnel Gallery, Brooklyn, NY; Stairmasters Framed
 The Lofts at Beacon Gallery, Beacon, NY: Energy Fields. Curated by Marieken Cochius
 Kentler International Drawing Center, Brooklyn, NY: 100 works on paper
 The Lofts at Beacon, Gallery, Beacon NY: Textile Show
 Huntenkunst, The Netherlands: Huntenkunst 2014
 Sideshow Gallery, Brooklyn, NY: Sideshow Nation At The Alamo
2013:  CWOW Gallery, Newark NJ: Unsteady Ground
 Kentler International Drawing Center, Brooklyn, NY: 100 works on paper
 Sideshow Gallery, Brooklyn, NY: Sideshow Nation
2012:  Brik Gallery, Catskill, NY: Cowgirls of the Hudson Valley
 Liberty Arts, Yreka, CA: Mullagatawny
 Kentler International Drawing Center, Brooklyn, NY: 100 works on paper
 Sideshow Gallery, Brooklyn, NY: Mic Check Occupy
2011:  Holland Tunnel Gallery, Brooklyn, NY: Delft Blues
 Benefit for Marie Mason, Eric McDavid, NY, NY
 A.I.R Gallery, Brooklyn, NY: Wish you were here
2010:  A.I.R. Gallery, Brooklyn, NY: Wish you were here
 Pump Project, Austin, TX: Stations
 Sideshow Gallery, Brooklyn, NY: It’s a wonderful tenth 
2008:  Raum fuer Kunst und Kommunikation, Monchengladbach, Germany
2007:  Sans Quoi Gallery, Okayama, Japan: Hot summer art battle
 Holter Museum of Art, Helena, MT: ANA 35: Curator Willem Volkersz 
 Cambridge Art Association, Cambridge, MA: National; curator Thomas Lentz, Harvard Museum
 Washington Sq. East Galleries: NY, NY: Small works, curator Jim Kempner
2006:  Citibank Headquarters: Queens, NY: Long Island City artists
 Washington Sq. East Galleries: NY, : Small works, curator Jack Shainman
2005:  Jacklight Gallery, NY, NY: Scream
2004:  Viridian Gallery, NY, NY: YW Why War, Why Dubya?
2004:  New Gallery, Concert Series, Boston MA: collaboration w. composer Jorrit Dijkstra
2003:  Artspace, New Haven, CT: Between fear and freedom: Duct tape. Collaboration w. Jeff Slomba
2002:  Holland Tunnel Gallery Brooklyn, NY: Mermaid Show
 Gibbs Gallery, Arlington, MA: Day Job
2001:  Arboretum, Los Angeles, CA: Cross Pollination
 Andrews Gallery, College of William and Mary, Williamsburg, VA: Day Job
 450 Broadway Gallery, NY, NY: Collaborative Fusion 9/11
 31 Grand St. Gallery, Brooklyn, NY: Medical Contraptions and Conceptions
 9th BWAC Pier Show, Brooklyn, NY
 Art Association of Harrisburg, Harrisburg, PA; curator Susan Cross, Guggenheim
 Attleboro Museum, Attleboro, MA: Small Works show
 Holland Tunnel Gallery, Brooklyn, NY: Cross Pollination
 80 Washington Sq. E. Galleries, NY, NY: 24th Annual Small Works. Curator Peter Blum
2000:  State of Art Gallery; Brooklyn, NY; Industrious Subconscious
 8th BWAC Pier Show, Brooklyn, NY: Sculpture
1999:  Holland Tunnel Gallery, Brooklyn, NY: Lost and Found
 7th BWAC Pier Show, Brooklyn, NY: Sculpture
1997:  Knickerbocker Gallery, NY, NY: Artists Under Cover -Photography, poetry
1996:  Chasse Theater, Breda, Netherlands: Coney Island -Photography Installation
 Jacklight Gallery, NY, NY: Liars and Hypocrites -Photography
 Jacklight Gallery, NY, NY: Valentine’s Show
1995:  Extremely refrigerated, NY, NY: MEAT -Photography Installation
1994:  World"s Women Online! Curator Muriel Magenta, 

2021: Kurt Vonnegut Museum and Library: 'So It Goes' Literary Journal 2021 no.10. K.V. and the Environment
 Wordpeace Literary Journal 6-2 Summer/Fall 2021. Drawing Friction 8
 Hammond Museum:  Essay by Frank Matheis: The Enigmatic Essence of Marieken Cochius
 Awakened Voices Literary Magazine. Interview by Megan Otto
 Hole in the Head  Vol2 Nr1, 3 Drawings 
 Orenda Arts Journal. Vol2 Nr 1 Winter 2021
 Hole in the Head: Issue 5 (2/2021)
 Nunum, Canadian Literary Journal Winter 20/21. Interview.
2020:  Nunum Canadian Literary Journal Winter 2020
 Columbia Journal: Special issue on Uprising, Shortlisted Artist.  Columbia University, NY
 Verandah 35 eBook. Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia. P. 60
 High Shelf Press XXIII. 8 drawings featured 
 Pulp Mag Fall 2020 Issue 22 KPU, BC, Canada "Vocals"drawing featured
 Tint Journal Fall 2020 
 High Shelf Press XXII 4 paintings featured 
 ANTE mag Featured Artist Virtual Studio Visits Pt ii. IGTV interview by Audra Lambert
 Hole In the Head Review Issue 3 08/01/2020 Azoth, Space between Thoughts, Joy of Giono featured.
 Toho Journal Online Summer 2020 Painting End Zone, Flight featured Summer 2020
 Oscilloscope Literary Magazine Issue 1 Painting Spread and interview featured. 
 The Closed Eye Open Issue 1, page 17-20 Space Unwound and 3 Solar Etches featured.
 Camas Magazine Summer 2020 issue, Collage Element 7 featured. 
 Beyond Words drawing 'Morning with Lover' featured. Issue 2 April  2020
 Superstition Review ASU: 5 Element collages featured 
 Quarantine Zine by Shari Diamond. Painting: 'Under the Tree of Life. Night' featured
 Tule Review 2020 Sacramento Poetry Center. Page 30, Sculpture 'Gathering' featured.
 Art for a New Earth. 3 Element Collages featured.
 Cold Mountain Review Appalachian State University: 8 Cloud drawings featured.  
2019:  Mud Season Review Sky drawing featured 
 Miracle Monocle University of Louisville,  issue 13. 3 Space Once Occupied works featured
 Tiny Seed Literary Journal Sculpture Thinking out Loud featured
 Willard and Maple Literary and Fine Art Magazine. Champlain College, VT:  COVER ART (Wrap around) 
 The Esthetic Apostle September issue. 6 Space Once Occupied drawings featured.
 The Raw Art Review Spring 2019 page 119. Water series 2 painting featured
 Sun Spot Literary Journal Volume 1 issue : Invisible Nature / Progenitor drawing featured.  COVER ART
 Fredricksburg Literary and Art Review:  page 140
2018:  deLuge Journal page34 Sculpture: Icon 
 Havik Journal of Arts and Literature Las Positas College, CA. Sculpure featured
 Alluvian Environmental Journal Spring 2018  'But I thought..' painting featured
 Fredricksburg Literary and Art Review Organic sculptures, pages 264-265-266
2009:  Fifth Estate Magazine 380: Featured Artist

2022:Upstate House: winter 2022: Mary Angeles Armstrong: Kingston Design Showhouse
Upstate House: winter 2022: Mary Angeles Armstrong: Kingston Design Showhouse
SUNY Ulster Voices: Dina Pearlman: Guiding the Currents 
Consulate of the Netherlands: Dutch Culture in the USA: Marieken Cochius Solo Exhibition
Poughkeepsie Journal :Melissa Thomas: Art and Wine
The Miscellany News, Vassar College: Ganesh Pillai: Palmer Exhibit provides a fascinating look at life
2021: Elle Decor: Charles Curkin: Inside the Inspiring Kingston Design Showhouse 2021
 AD Pro: Mel Studach: See Every Room inside the Kingston Design Showhouse 2021 
 House Beautiful: Hadley Keller: How the Kingston Design Connection is helping solve... 
 Brownstoner: Susan de Vries: Creatives Unveil their Vision of Home at the Annual Kingston..
 Design Aspire Home: Maya Schubert: Take a Look inside the 2021 Kingston Design Showhouse
 Chronogram Magazine: Will Solomon: Creativity meets affordable housing in the 2021..
 Chronogram Magazine: Carl van Brunt: One Thing Leads to Another Guillermo Laporta presents Luciform
 The Essex News Daily: Studio Montclair presents Viewpoints 2021
2020: Chronogram Magazine Terra/Derma Show 
 The Nightingale, Megan Otto: "Bloom" 
 Poughkeepsie Journal, Linda Marston-Reid: Look Back In Wonder
 Highlands Current, Alison Rooney: The Artist Next Door. Marieken Cochius Interview and photos. 
 Highlands Current Chip Rowe 
 Ann Landi: Vasari 21 Newsletter 5/18/2020: Jerry Saltz's strange appetites, member news  
 The Daily Star Roxbury Arts Group Large Works Show 
2019:  Ann Landi: Vasari 21 Newsletter: Photo and Canopy show featured.  
 Poughkeepsie Journal Linda Marston-Reid: Artists open doors to public at Beacon Open Studios.
2018: Cochius exhibits in Newburgh 
 Dean Goldberg: Interview  4min.
 Ann Landi: Vasari21: Dark Matter show 
 Consulate of the Netherlands USA Holland Tunnel gallery  Brooklyn presents Dark Matter Show
 Saatchi Art Curated by Katherine Henning: Meet the New Masters of Abstract Painting.
2017:  Ann Landi: Vasari 21 What is Drawing, part two.
 NotRandomArt Contemporary Art Review magazine. Interview and photos. Pages 188-195
 Roll Magazine: Chiara Harrison Lambe: Art Highlights fall 2016
2016:  New York Times: Listing and photo of 'Invisible Nature' solo show at Matteawan Gallery.
 Arts Alive : Dakota Kim: Mircocosm invokes Nature's Abstract Beauty and Chaos. page 10.
 Ann Landi: Vasari 21  The Aha-moment, part two
 Highland Current: Making art with two hands
 The Mobile Mill blog. Simple human gestures go a long way
2015:  Arts Alive May/June : Photos of work and article about upcoming Microcosm show
2014:  Mid Hudson Times 10/1/14: Photo and work featured
 New York Times 8/17/14  Listings: ‘Microcosms’ show at Lofts at Beacon Gallery.
 Beacon Free Press: Textile show at the Lofts4/2/2014
2001:  NY Arts Magazine September Vol.6 no.9 Listing of show p.69/70 :Medical Contraptions and Conceptions
1999:  Het Parool 4/99 : "NL in NY" Dutch artists in NY (Netherlands)
1997:  Brabant Cultureel 9/97 : Featured artist, midsection (Netherlands)
1996:  De Telegraaf 9/12/96 : Coney Island show (Netherlands)
1995:  Research Magazine, University of Arizona: Muriel Magenta: Worlds Women Online featured work.
1990:  K.U. Nieuws 3/9/90: (University of Nijmegen, Netherlands) Interview and photos of solo ‘Meat Market’ show. 

2022:  Tony Malaby: The Cave of Winds
2015: Jorrit Dijkstra: Never Odd or Even
2014: Jorrit Dijkstra: Music for Reeds and Electronics: Oakland
1996: The Dictators: I Am Right / Loyola

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