Over het werk

Jitka Andréa (NL, 31 mei 1972) Willem de Kooning academy te Rotterdam, docentenopleiding tekenen en handvaardigheid.

Jitka Andréa schildert landschappen waarin perspectieven, pijlers, constructies en vlakken de belangrijkste rollen spelen. De ruimtes ondervinden een verdraaiing, waardoor het beeld vervreemdt. Wat een afgebakende ruimte leek, transformeert tot een vlak of komt los te staan.

Naast het schilderen ontwikkelt zij kunstprojecten zoals De KinderKunstRoute, De KinderKunstKaravaan (voor beide projecten zie www.kinderkunstroute.nl) en kunst in de openbare ruimte.


Jitka Andréa paints landscapes in which perspectives, pillars, constructions and planes play the most prominent roles. The spaces are subject to distortion resulting in an alienated image. What appeared to be a defined space, transforms to a plane or detaches altogether.
Jitka Andréa doesn`t need to go out to find the images she paints, but once outside she finds that the environment is common with her paintings. She`ll start a painting drawing a line, mirroring an existing painting or putting the familiar characters of her paintings, such as the stick and the hole, in a different place. It`s a neatly layed-out world, yet it`s a humane one, a world painted by hand. Jitka`s paintings are three-dimensional, but never too realistic, The sparely painted places may take a longtime to finish; Eventually the colour and the composition feel right and match the image that existed already in her head.