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Cis Bakker

Portrait as an old horse, 8
© Cis Bakker 070314

First limited edition (prints on dibond and aluminum, up to max.5) from a series of 12 different Portraits as an old horse.

Animals in general, whether in dream or real life, have a special meaning to me. There's a certain liberty in portraying them. With human portraiture there is always a physical appearance, the psychology, the status and politeness not to offend; with animals there is the possibility to dream, to search not find, to create not limit.
I love horses (though I do not ride them) as special dream animals. In general they represent dignity, strength, cleverness and beauty, amongst other qualifications. But to me, horses represent poetry and mindfulness with long legs.

Here, in this series' Portrait as an old horse' I reflect upon my own physical appearance changing over time. Aging, especially for women, has consequences. What is changing in her role, status, body, and how is an older woman viewed in society? Is she wise, has she become redundant?