Over mijn werk

Eva Beumer, a Dutch sculptor, interprets this antique artistic discipline in a very original and personal way, in fact, we could speak rather of graphic sculptures or pictorial-sculptures, where the three- dimensionality of the sculpture is simplified from its traditional pondus or gravity, through the artist's use of multi-layered paper and the diversely bent and folded cardboard. She then inserts color, tree bark, clay, ceramics or other material that originates from the graphic and photographic fields (soft gray-black textures on snowy white backgrounds). Ethereal lightness, clear curvilinear and sinusoidal shapes, like scrolls being unfolded, allow the daily reality to develop, transforming it into a dream-like image. Life is transformed into an evanescent metaphorical shadow, into a recollection. Barks and leaves like the scroll of the great book of Life, are impressed with fleeting and abstract marbled writing and through the cartographic inks and photographic prints, one can also glimpse at, for example, parts of an evocative face.

Giampoalo Trotta

Time: 0.004