Bastiaan Mol Curriculum Vitae
Blue Narcissus (verkocht)
Bastiaan Mol Curriculum Vitae (2)
Lovebirds ( parkieten) 2023
Bastiaan Mol Curriculum Vitae (3)
Traintravellers ( uit een serie van zes portretten van reizende studenten in Coronatijd)
Bastiaan Mol(1954) is a Dutch artist/illustrator based in Rotterdam,Netherlands.
His art-education ( illustration-design) he got at the Academy for Applied Arts, in Antwerp,Belgium (1986-1991).
Materials he works with are watercolours ,gouache, pen+ink, pastels, graphite and acryllics.
Sofar he doesn`t like producing digital art and prefers the organic feel of real paint ,fresh crisp cottonpaper , or canvas.
Subjects in his art are - for a large part- the male figure (nude,semi-nude ,in various styles and materials. Sensual but not pornographic).
Animals (especially birds) , music-inspired portraits , fan-art ,etc

From 2013-2021 Bastiaan Mol painted 59 portraits of Portuguese fadosingers,so called "fadistas".Great friendships with the fadoscene grew through the years and a large part of the fado-portraits are on the walls in Lisbon already,while three are part of the main exhibition of the heritage museum of fadomaster Alfredo Marceneiro.
Bastiaan Mol was made a member of honor of this Associação Alfredo Marceneiro and received a document to thank him for his contribution to both the museum and the fadoscene in Portugal.

* Publications from 2018 untill recent are the Your Daily Male tear-off calender to which 45 international artists contributed. Included every year are 7 paintings by Bastiaan Mol.
* The American/German art-magazine JUTURNA ,specialized in the male in the arts ,included 8 pages of his art in their number 5 issue . Also in the 10th edition again 8 pages with his work were shown.

* March 2020 the -also German- Boner-Magazine published a 4-paged interview with Bastiaan Mol and in 2021 Spanish magazine Donovan showed two of his paintings.

Exhibitions of his work can be seen in his city : Rotterdam . Yearly he exhibits a selection of his works at artcafé `t Pakhuys in the old ,historic part of Rotterdam: Delfshaven .for 2023 it will be from March 19th -April 16th .

Also find me on my other websites : Facebook and

Bastiaan Mol Curriculum Vitae
Johannes : portret van de Zweedse, wereldvermaarde klassieke gitaarspeler Johannes Möller , die live voor dit portret poseerde.
Bastiaan Mol Curriculum Vitae (2)
model Jeroen poseerde voor mij reeds voor diverse werken .
Bastiaan Mol Curriculum Vitae (3)
portret van Jeffrey, café eigenaar uit Antwerpen
Bastiaan Mol Curriculum Vitae (4)
Bastiaan voor enkele van zijn werken , tijdens de kunstroute Kralingen , te Rotterdam