Krystyna Ziach
A Spiral of Memory II
Diptych, Lambda c-prints, 160 x 240 cm, 110 x 165 cm, edition 5 each
A Spiral of Memory 2001-2002
Collection Delta Lloyd, NL

A Spiral of Memory
/.../ Inert water, in contrast to flowing water, smells: it sews the seeds of death and decay. It nearly has a morbid characteristic and also refers to a disturbance in a natural equilibrium and to changeability. Ziach devotes three works to this idea. They are all photo works with a suggestive depth: the mysterious attraction of static, dark water is manifested in it. In The Spiral of Memory, one witnesses whirlpools. Their inward spiral movement announces change. It signifies flux, unrest, chaos and disturbance. Rolled up photos with images of human body parts tumble around in the whirlpool; they are hauled away in the movement of water./.../
Translation: Hanny Keulers
Archê - The Ambivalence of Water and Fire, text, by Mirelle Thijsen, art critic, 1996