Portfolio rubrieken
Krystyna Ziach
Solo exhibition Archê, 1995-1996, Installation
The Netherlands Photography Institute, 1996, Rotterdam, NL, curated by Frits Gierstberg

"Krystyna Ziach is known for her “photo-sculptures”, photos incorporated in monumental spatial constructions. Ziach uses combinations of photography and sculptural elements to create illusory effects which serve the symbolism that she expresses in her work. “Archê” – which is the Greek word for “origin” – is the title of her new show. This universal concept refers to the leitmotiv of “water” or “the wet element” which is implied. Water can be understood as a metaphore for transience and the passing of time. In Archê water is also the symbolic transformation from the material to the spiritual".
Translation : Hanny Keulers
Archê - Krystyna Ziach, text by Frits Giertsberg, 1996, curator of the Netherlands Photography Institute in Rotterdam