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Krystyna Ziach
Solo exhibition A Chamber of Mirrors 1994, installation,
The Netherlands Photography Museum, Sittard NL
Curated by Reinhold Miesselbeck, curator for photography and new media of the Ludwig Museum Cologne
This installation is composed of photoworks and photo-sculptures from the series :
The Garden of Illusion, Melancholy, Japan and Metamorphosis, made in the period between 1984-1994

/…/ A Chamber of Mirrors, the title of her exhibition at the Nederlands Fotomuseum in Sittard, refers to the frequent use of mirrors in the work. Apart from being a vanitas symbol, the mirror is also a theatrical attribute. Mirrors are elements to structuralize space, they take possession of it. The photographs are sculptures, which is not suprising considering her initial education as a sculptor /.../
Ziach makes photographs like sculptures, text by Paul Depondt, art critic, De Volkskrant, NL
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