Krystyna Ziach
Into the Void
The starting point for the series Into the Void is the concept of ‘voidness’ in the literal sense, as well as in the capacity of mental space perception. Thinking of vacuity, one is confronted with nothingness and the absence of the thing, the invisible and the intangible. In this series I try to represent emptiness, in particular the way it presents itself in the spaces of railway stations, deserted and anonymous. Autobiographical memories play a part in this work. The images constructed also as it were reflect a dreamed reality, such as the one represented in the surrealist paintings of the Italian painter Giorgio De Chirico. Images of tangible urban/architectonic shapes transform into seemingly abstract ‘environments´ in which the light brings about a metamorphosis and creates a new perception and as such emphasises the emptiness. In this series man is invisible, but one does still feel a human presence.
Translation: Hanny Keulers