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Bert Hermans

'Golden Cage'
Mixed media on canvas
80 x 60 cm

This painting has been painted by Bert after a visit at 'The Nationaal Gevangenismuseum' (National Prison Museum) This museum exhibits the history of crime and punishment over the centuries in the Netherlands. Have you ever been in a pillory? Seen the inside of a cell? Sat in the judge’s chair? You can do all this in the Prison Museum.

In the Prison Museum, you’ll discover what punishments used to be given and how a penitentiary used to look. Photos, videos and interactive presentations also give a lively picture of a modern prison.

Led by a guide, you can take a look inside the Rode Pannen prison. In this way, you can experience for yourself how it is to be inside. You can also take a tour in an old prison bus on Wednesday and Sunday afternoons and during school holidays.

You can also stay the night in the Prison Museum, in one of the old wardens’ residences that have been converted into attractive holiday homes.

Bert's painting 'The golden cage' refers to the opion of some people that think staying in a prison is a luxury. The model man for the five men waiting for their cell doors is Bert's cousin Koos Hermans.