John Dilling is an autonomous visual artist of reductive art. He explores spatial and visual experiences through organized modular forms. Drawing from his background in graphic/typographic education and his artistic developments, he blurs the lines between painting, architectural vision and constructive skills.
His visual language draws from symmetrical structures, geometric patterns and from architectural vision as proportions, continuity, harmony, simplicity, rhythm and balance.
Light plays a fundamental role in his process, absorbing and reflecting through layers to create a vibrant color palette and three-dimensional shadow effects, offering a temporary and sensory experience for the viewer.
With keen sensitivity and a unique perspective, Dilling’s work is characterized by precision in exact lines, shapes and vivid colors, complementing contemporary interiors.
He meticulously analyzes durable materials as with wooden cubes to create exemplary arrangements, applying harmonious color combinations that resonate with him emotionally. Dilling is fascinated by the early Bauhaus School of Architecture and the Color Theory education in Weimar Germany, reflecting on aspects of nature through simplicity of structure and pattern.
His visual works possess a refined vocabulary of form, line, whitespace, and color.

About his climate work as visual artist but also as human, are his work related to the climate change and global warming.
Dilling is not an activist, he says, but through his vision with the passion he has within his work, he wants create some awareness about the environment and climate, without the use of any fossil fuels on his own artistic and circulair way, creating with nothingness.
Waste natural materials as wood, cardboard, paper, metals, electric wires and plastic's what he finds or discovers on his path.
I believe art can educate and engage people on climate change. JohnDilling