Bert Hermans
'The Library'
Oil on canvas
80 x 60 cm

The painting shown here shows the hall of the Bodleian Library in Oxford (England). Bert visited this hall in May 2023 during a holiday trip to England and Wales. The Oxford Dictionary can be found on a bench in the left foreground of the painting, and to the right of the center is a stack of books and an open book on the floor.
The Bodleian Library is the main research library at the University of Oxford and one of the oldest libraries in the world. In England it is the second largest library, after the British Library. Among students, the library is also simply called the 'Bod'.
The Bodleian consists of several sub-libraries. The Old Library contains, among other things, Duke Humfrey's Library. Other parts of the Bodleian Library include the Radcliffe Camera, Weston Library and Clarendon Building. The library, together with 27 other libraries in Oxford, forms the Bodleian Libraries.
The Divinity School, attached to the Old Library, was built between 1427 and 1483, making it the oldest room in the university.
The Bodleian Library was used as a filming location for Harry Potter films, among others.