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May 5, liberation monument 1982
A flag made from steel, commissioned by + Henry de Wolf and the Municipality of Groningen.
Henry was "Hannibal" for his friends, he died on 1 January 1986.
The mast is snapped with the flag frayed, but stands as a symbol for victory after the battle and therefore, spectacular, sparkling in the sun, get up again, according to Henry.
For example, this flag had to symbolize all oppressed peoples.
With the following text:
For peace security freedom and many joys opposed to fascism racism discrimination and anti-Semitism against nuclear armaments arms race against degradation of social attainment and unemployment.
Expansion of democracy and effective crisis management.

In Memoriam...
Koos Koster
Jan Kuiper
Joop Willemsen
Hans ter Laag

Ikon reporters murdered by fascist junta in El Salvador 17 March '82 for the liberation of El Salvador and all oppressed peoples offered by Groningen artists to the Municipality, the people of Groningen and the local residents, synagogue e.o.
This monument was officially and festively placed at the end from the Zuiderdiep in Groningen, but has been relocated due to the new construction of the architecture school there and now stands opposite the Gallery Forma Aktua, and Gallery Noord at the Nieuwstad in Groningen.
My assignment was from + Henry de Wolf to do the painting (spraying) in many layers of transparent coating within MULTICOLORED glitter.